The system

The Jackpad® system comprises of three elements:


Consisting of two parts, the painted steel adjuster provides final adjustment of the system. The base plate is universal to all applications. The receiving plate incorporates a 42mm thread and nut and can be designed to suit any client’s product.

Jackpad 400 support block

At the heart of the system, the Jackpad® 400 support block takes a vertical load and disperses it through its base. The Jackpad® support block is manufactured from recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable.

Dimensions: 360mm x 360mm x 80mm

Incremental Packers

Also manufactured from recycled plastic, the incremental packer provides a simple solution to overcome fall of ground. Fitted with interlocking lugs, the incremental packers are stable when in multiple use.

Dimensions: 450m x 450mm x 50mm